iPAD mania?

  [DELETED] 13:43 29 May 2010

Not sure what all the fuss is about with this new item which people apparently queued hours to get their hands on, and then parted with c.£400 for the privilege...are we out of recession now then?

From what I've seen/read, it appears to be a bridge between a mobile phone and a laptop, but has no usb facility.

Does it have any real purpose which a phone or laptop cannot provide? And does it have staying power? Do we actually need one?

  [DELETED] 00:19 30 May 2010

I will reserve judgment on the iPad until I've had a go on it, only because I thought the iPhone was a gimmick but since getting one I think they are superb.

  Strawballs 00:22 30 May 2010

I bet a large number of people that get one will have no real use for it but be of the "must have latest gaget" brigade

  [DELETED] 08:32 30 May 2010

It would be good to hear from more people who like apple...in fact someone who actually has an ipad and their reasons.

I have spoken to one person who loves their iphone and all the different uses e.g. portable internet but others who feel that it is too complex and blackberry is easier to use, cheaper to run.

I am wondering if an ipad could be the new mobile phone but rather expensive (!) After all data can be stored online, and on the ipad so I wonder if there is any read need for usb? (In fact that was what I meant in my original post) What we are maybe facing is that apple are not following the bitty microsoft tradition but have a different style? When I first used pc's in schools, they were completely different systems but we allowed microsoft to take over because it is so easy to use.

I do "know" people from other forums who, in a week, wouldn't be without their ipads but seem unable to justify this, apart from liking technology! I do believe though, that they are highly reliable and easy to use. But no one has turned up here apart from a happy iphone user.

As I am pretty well "hit and miss" with my technology (as anyone who has seen me in Helproom etc, will have seen!) it would be an unnecessary expense in my case but I would like to hear of people who use Apple and what they feel ipads have to offer that netbooks do not.

  [DELETED] 08:34 30 May 2010

ive ditched my iphone for an android model, much better for me, so now i dont need to have horrible itunes on my computer.

this ipad to me seems expensive [thats apple]
its too big for a phone
to weak for a laptop
doesnt have flash

you can put an apple logo on a turd and people will buy it
people slate mirosoft but they are far better than apple.

apple remind me of bose, theyve got the pr just right, so the actual product can be inferior, you pay for that! :/

  [DELETED] 09:08 30 May 2010

"you can put an apple logo on a turd and people will buy it"

I love that and wonder how true it is. It is true that microsoft is easy to use and much cheaper, so I do. But for years I have heard arguments that it is cheaper because they ran roughshod over other companies to get the monopoly, (on the other hand they have the product) I do hear people saying that they support Apple just because it is not microsoft. I think I would want to be more convinced for the money.
I think I will try finding cafes where people are using them, like FE. I don't think they have turned up on the trains yet.

  bremner 10:01 30 May 2010

The iPad can not be used as a standard mobile phone.

The SIM card that goes into the high end models is only for data. It could therefore be used as a Skype phone.

"people slate mirosoft but they are far better than apple"

As an IT professional who has used Windows since 3.11 and Apple OS X since Tiger I find that once I was used to OS X it was streets ahead of Windows.

It is not coincidence that Windows 7 feels much more like OS X.

Whether someone is prepared to pay the premium for Apple products is their choice. But I will need some convincing that there are better made machines or that Windows is a better than OS X.

As for the iPad itself I currently have no need for one, I have a 13" Macbook Pro and an iPhone and they do everything I need. A few friends and colleagues in my old office have had them for a while having bought them in the US and they all rave about them.

If you are seriously considering one then go to an Apple store and play with one. Or simply wait a few weeks and someone you know is guaranteed to have bought one.

  Legolas 19:47 31 May 2010

I was of course referring to the ipad as I think Glasgow is the opposite, it is underhyped (especially the archetecture there is some great archetecture in Glasgow city centre, my tip is to look up) and Glasgow has more parks than any other city in the UK hence Glasgow been known as 'dear green place' The Gaelic for Glasgow is Glas-ghu which means 'dear green place' and it is certainly not overpriced, not in relation to other UK cities, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are far more expensive.

  [DELETED] 23:41 12 Jun 2010

Eken M001

click here

This seems a cheap alternative!!???

  Quickbeam 08:39 13 Jun 2010

Will the eventual Windows competition version be called a 'Windows pane'...?

  [DELETED] 00:30 14 Jun 2010

Like others I find Apple products all hype over nothing. The ipod would be usefull if it was under a fiver, the iphone if it was free and under a tenner a month. I've looked at the specs and the cost and find nothing of any interest whatsoever. I also find their computers useless and lacking usability or style.

The ipad, however, I think is very interesting (if it was £40-50, unrestricted and not hampered by its connectivity). If I didn't drive to work and didn't run my own business I would get one so I didn't need to buy a paper, a laptop, a book or wait until I reached a computer. Conceptually interesting, I'll wait until another company brings out a properly working equivalent for a practical price.

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