iPAD mania?

  Marko797 13:43 29 May 2010

Not sure what all the fuss is about with this new item which people apparently queued hours to get their hands on, and then parted with c.£400 for the privilege...are we out of recession now then?

From what I've seen/read, it appears to be a bridge between a mobile phone and a laptop, but has no usb facility.

Does it have any real purpose which a phone or laptop cannot provide? And does it have staying power? Do we actually need one?

  ella33 13:53 29 May 2010

They have been used in some secondary schools, well it is a tablet that I thought was the same as an ipad and linked to a central class computer. Most schools prefer netbooks, so that students can use usb storage. I imagine netbooks are more easily broken but of course many youngsters have their own. I do know a college tutor, who was delighted with her new ipad, recently but she does like anything new techie wise, so that might not be much of an advert for ipads.

  bremner 13:58 29 May 2010

Just to correct one error.

There is an adapter to allow USB connection on the iPad

  interzone55 16:39 29 May 2010

I'm not sure that was an error.

There are no usb ports on the iPad, so you need to purchase an adaptor to use standard peripherals.

Just like you need to buy an adaptor to plug a Mac Mini or MacBook into a normal monitor.

At some point people will realise that Apple have been taking them for a ride...

  bremner 17:01 29 May 2010

Nobody is being taken for a ride.

No one is being forced to buy any Apple product. If someone is too stupid to check what the specification of a device is before they buy it then it is their own fault.

Two posters stated that the iPad had no USB capability that was erroneous.

  dms_05 17:02 29 May 2010

Have a read of this click here to see how a lifelong Apple fan has almost stopped using his iPad after 56 days of use. I reckon a lot of them will finish up as door stops before long.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:06 29 May 2010

'are we out of recession now then'..hysterical acquisition and fanboy idloisation of foreign made luxury items does not mean that the recession is over; more that any personal disposable income or available credit has been redirected to a life-style item for people to think that they are truly connected in the world for whatever reason they can come up with.


  Forum Editor 17:22 29 May 2010

Every new Apple product launch is greeted with excitement bordering on hysteria, all generated by Apple's publicity machine.

The company makes beautiful computers, but I can buy a Windows machine with more bang for less bucks. The iPod is undeniably one of the great technology success stories, and the iPhone is an icon (although I remain underwhelmed). The iPad is beautifully made,but I won't be buying one - it doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid.

  Marko797 17:40 29 May 2010

yes, I think one of the Japanese chaps who they 'tried' to interview, when the store opened and he got his iPAD, was definitely suffering from this.

I think he and the rest of the visitors to the store must belong to the 'must have it now, but don't know why' generation. More 'credit' available than common sense, it would seem.

On the usb question, I just read "Don’t you worry about the iPad lacking an SD card slot and USB port. Apple has you covered with adapters! Instead of building in two industry standards, users are forced to buy extra items with their new iPad.So it seems that the iPad is designed to milk every last penny out of buyers. "

It would seem for the many 'apps' which are available (but you don't actually get) that you need to pay for these also. Cash-cow, or dead duck?

  bremner 17:43 29 May 2010

You actually have to pay for software whatever next.

  peter99co 17:47 29 May 2010

I fail to see why it has no lid on it. Even a clip on lid should be available. How do you carry it about?

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