ipad - i need expert advice please - poor connectivity and no flash?

  gaiastellar 10:27 05 May 2012

dear all,

i am considering buying an ipad, and although it seems like the best all round tablet, i have a few reservations...

firstly, connectivity - no ability to plug in a usb memory stick, or usb card reader to transfer files (videos, music etc)? - no flash? on the internet does this make much difference?

any comments please. The other contender for me to buy is the sony s1...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 05 May 2012

Ipad does not use flash which will affect your viewing of some web sites.

You will need to purchase adaptors to connect USB to the IPad.


  KRONOS the First 11:38 05 May 2012

I have an Ipad 2 and to be honest it is going and being replaced with a note-book.In my opinion it is little more than an expensive toy. It is not as easy as Apple would have you believe in regards to syncing documents the lack of USB or flash support is a nuisance, printing from it can be problematic.

Here is a list of why I really do need to get rid of the ipad.

1.You can’t initialize your iPad unless you have a computer.

2.AND an iTunes account.

3.My ability to personalize the device (it is MINE, right?) is extremely limited.

4.Many of the apps can’t be personalized. 5.It does not support flash.

6.It does not support Java.

7.It has no USB ports.

8.Memory is limited.

9.It can only do one thing at a time.

10.There is no BACK button.

11.There is only one way to do most things.

12.You can’t put anything on it, except through iTunes.

13.You can’t take anything off, except through iTunes.

14.There are many things you can’t readily save elsewhere at all.

Not my list but I agree with it.

  Woolwell 12:52 05 May 2012

With the lastest iPads you can do many things through wifi and iCloud without iTunes.

I use an adaptor which takes sd cards and it will import pictures, etc. The adaptor does not work with a USB memory stick.

Flash makes little difference on the web apart from being unable to view some video interviews.

Syncing documents with Dropbox (free) is very straightforward and doesn't use iTunes.

Printing is done through an app but you need a printer that works with it. It works well.

Don't buy the 16Gb version. I have found 32Gb is ample.

One pain is the inability to add fonts.

However it is not a substitute for a laptop. I think that in many ways it is as good as if not better than a netbook.

If you consider an Android tablet then I would look at the Samsung range.

  chub_tor 14:35 05 May 2012

I looked at the iPad but decided instead to get the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet. Flash wasn't really the issue but it is nice to have for some websites; I can connect a wide range of USB devices via an adapter, I use a simple app for sharing files from my main computer, another app allows me to print from any printer, I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse when I want to use it like a laptop and I can customise the desktop (five separate scrollable ones) as much as I like. My tablet is now my main way of communicating on the internet.

  ams4127 19:52 05 May 2012

Just download and use the Photon browser which fully supports Flash.

You do not need iTunes to put stuff on or take off.

Strongly suggest you buy a book on the iPad because most of what you say is wrong.

  catpwss 12:07 06 May 2012

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