iPad - further remarks and questions

  john bunyan 18:11 29 Mar 2013

I ams Newbie iPad 4 user. . I had difficulty updating to v 6.1.3 (I think) It kept telling me I was not connected to the internet, even though I was. Solved it in the end by closing all apps. A grand daughter is off to work in Greece shortly as a water sports instructor with a tour operator. She has a Nexus 7 tablet. Her sister has a 7" Samsung. The iPad suggests their "Facetime" for internet video calls, but Skype is more universal. Does anyone have a view as to whether there is a iTunes app for Skype and how good it is? Alternatively can Facetime work on non Apple tablets?

  Woolwell 18:28 29 Mar 2013
  1. Updates - that can happen with some firewalls. I used to get that and had to turn off my firewall. The problem has gone for me. One way is to download the update only and then install but it is some time since I did that.

  2. Facetime is Apple only eg iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPad or to a Mac. It is actually quite good and I have found it better than Skype but limited to who you can call.

  3. Skype is a available as an app. It works quite well and you can switch between front and back camera. This is very handy if you want to show someone a room or scenery.

  Woolwell 18:30 29 Mar 2013

Ps I don't think that either Facetime or Skype works with 3G or 4G - wifi only but I may be wrong.

Have you tried messaging to other Apple users?

  Woolwell 18:32 29 Mar 2013

Oops - Just re-read your post. I guess you updated over wifi. I try to avoid that as I prefer the security of USB and a full backup. However I may be old fashioned and being unnecessarily cautious.

  john bunyan 18:40 29 Mar 2013


Thanks, as usual, for speedy reply. With iPods in the past I have always updated in iTunes on the usual way. I had not realised that the iOS 6 came via that route, and I did, indeed update via WiFi as the pad indicated an update was available.

Re Synching, I also always kept a music and other things like apps on the main PC and manually synched so as to avoid the same apps or tunes going to different iPods and the iPad. If you buy an app or tune direct to the iPad, I know it is kept in the Cloud, but I hope it reverse synchs when I attach it to the PC via USB?

  john bunyan 18:42 29 Mar 2013

PS Correct, I only have a WiFi version. Will try Skype as the grandchildren use it and have non Apple tabs.

  Woolwell 19:07 29 Mar 2013

It reverse syncs.

I find Skype better on my iPad than on my desktop. Perhaps because I can wander around with it and show my son the dog, etc.

  onthelimit1 19:21 29 Mar 2013

No way to speak of your wife!

  Ian in Northampton 20:07 29 Mar 2013

otl1: LOL! (Bad boy)

  Woolwell 20:32 29 Mar 2013

Typical crab! Cannot recognise a Labrador.

onthelimit1 - good to see you on form.

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