Ipad confusion with backup help

  redeer 18:18 16 Dec 2014

I am fairly new to iPads, having had one for about 6 months and there are many things I don’t understand, despite reading as much on the web as I can (I am pretty well PC computer literate). It seems to me that Apple’s way of doing things is counter intuitive if one is coming from a PC. When I download a new App I frequently have absolutely no idea how to operate with it and , very often, the help that comes with it is entirely inadequate!

In particular I cannot make head or tail of backing up my iPad to iCloud. When I click on the iCloud tab on my PC a window comes up. If I click on ‘storage’ it tells me that I have 290.1MB of general (?) storage, 948.2MB of Pages storage & finally 150KB of Numbers storage. I presume this is on iCloud drive.

So far, so good. If I then click on ‘iCloud.com’ it takes me to what I presume is the main page of iCloud. If I click on Contacts I see my contacts. If I click on iCloud drive and then go into Pages I see what is there, but if I click on Numbers it tells me that the folder is empty!

Where then is the 150KB of the Numbers stuff (actually a large database)?

Beats me completely.

If someone can explain all this to me in words of one syllable I should be grateful.

  Ventad 14:54 18 Dec 2014

To back up your iPad to iCloud , download iTunes to your pc or laptop, when downloaded open iTunes and then plug in your iPad to the pc/laptop and you will see the iPad symbol appear top left of iTunes click on symbol then click on and a page will open up with what is on your iPad on the left side.

Click on summary if it has not already gone to it and on the main part of the window will tell you what iPad it is, what serial number, what operating system and check for update .

Underneath is back up you you have been looking for, you have the opportunity to back up / or restore backup either to iCloud or our pc/laptop choice is yours.

  Ventad 15:04 18 Dec 2014

As it says only most important data on iPad goes to iCloud but on the computer a full backup . You can if you wish do both but not at the same time. I have done both.

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