ipad Air or Samsung Note 2014?

  TonyLevy 10:05 09 Dec 2013

I have the opportunity to purchase either of the two Tablets but am not sure which one to go for.

I like the look and feel of the ipad but have not ever used an apple product previously so know nothing about them.

the Samsung on the other hand i am used to as I have a samsung s3 phone and have always had andriod products. My family mostly have android product too.

So not sure what one to go for Anybody have experience of both? Thanks

  morddwyd 19:12 09 Dec 2013

Have no experience of the small iPad but I did try the iPad. I didn;t get on with it, and it went back, very much a personal thing, but to me it didn't live up to the hype.

I have just upgraded to the Note 2 from the Note 1, which itself was an upgrade from the S1.

No complaints except the usual Samsung ones - too much drossware and slow implementation of o/s upgrades.

Impressed with the battery lfe on the Note 2.

Get as much "hands on" with both as you possibly can.

  Woolwell 13:45 10 Dec 2013

Both good tablets, personally I prefer an iPad.

  TonyLevy 08:45 12 Dec 2013

Woolwell can you explain why you prefer the ipad. Do you or have you already had apple products and are just into the brand?

You see that is my dilema friends say the ipad but when asked its because they already have compatible products and are loyal to the brand.

Others say the Samsung for the same reasons

Very confusing for me who just wants what is the better product

  Woolwell 12:29 12 Dec 2013

I have a W7 desktop, a W8 laptop and iPhone and iPad. I tried an iPad whilst on holiday 3 years ago and found that it was so easy to use that I bought one. Most of my family have one now. It is more expensive than the Android tablets but it is well built. I dropped mine at an airport security check. It gained a dent on one corner but it still works well. There is an excellent range of apps, many of them free. The latest iPads have probably the best screen of any tablet. In the past year or so Android tablets have made big advances and many of them are good especially the Samsungs and even the Tesco Hudl.

I used to have a Samsung Galaxy android phone. I disliked Kies, the update procedure and syncing of calendar and contacts with Outlook 2007. The Apple products effortlessly sync with Outlook 2007 and software updates are straightforward. Connecting an iPad to a TV is easy and is a great way of showing photos. But you have to pay more to get the connectors or an Apple TV.

I helped a friend set up a Samsung tablet and personally I didn't find it so easy to use or find my way around as an iPad.

I can only suggest that you go to a store and try as many tablets as you can. Apple stores usually let you have a good hands-on experience. But other stores will have a good display and working tablets eg Tesco's. If you want to print from a tablet then you you need to check that your printer is compatible.

The bottom line is that Apple make very good products but are more expensive. Android tablets have in many ways caught up with Apple and in some cases may have surpassed them. But it comes down to user experience and which one you personally are happy with and find easiest to use. For me that is an iPad for others it is a different product. Go and play with them.

ps Buy a case for which ever tablet as it protects it. Android needs anti-virus app.

  DorisMartin 05:57 17 Dec 2013


iPad and Samsung Note both are great, you can choose anyone. but as per my view select Samsung Note because there are many free Android applications available.

  TonyLevy 07:37 17 Dec 2013

Thank you all for you comments and i am tending towards the Samsung purely because I already have an android product and so do many of my family so feel they will be easier to link up to

Thanks again

  Woolwell 09:54 17 Dec 2013

DorisMartin's first post to this forum is fairly useless as there many free apps for iOS if not more than Android.

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