iPad-Air appears to be deleting music

  Yimbo 17:35 30 Dec 2015

I'm quite new to iPad, but I've managed to transfer songs from iTunes via a self-compiled playlist. But when I then try to add another playlist, the previously stored playlist appears to have been deleted, and only the new one seems to be present. Am I doing something wrong here?

  Ventad 08:33 01 Jan 2016

I do not download music, but my notes go to ICLOUD , so it would be worth checking it is just a click and they are back. I cannot see it has actually been deleted, connect iPad to your computer might have synced there in iTunes . Whilst you are in iTunes back up everything to your computer

  Macworld 11:47 04 Jan 2016

How did you transfer the playlist from iTunes? And how are you attempting to add the other playlist?

It should be a case of creating both playlists in iTunes, plugging in your iPad, selecting that device and choosing the two playlists you have created sync with the iPad.

Are you using the same computer when you add the new playlist? If you are using a different computer that might be why the old stuff is being wiped.

  Yimbo 12:42 04 Jan 2016

Hi Macworld. Thanks for your help. I did create both playlists in iTunes. But I uploaded the first some time ago, and wanted now to add a further playlist. Both appeared on the screen for sync-ing with iPad, both ticked - but since the first was already on my iPad, I unticked it. The second list went to iPad OK, but the first one was deleted. Trying again, leaving both lists ticked, now both playlists are on my iPad. Does this mean, that each time I want to add a further playlist, all the previous ones need to be re-uploaded? I thought I could just add new playlists by themselves, as and when I wanted. I'm quite new to iPad, and clearly not up to speed in knowing my way around things. I appreciate your assistance!

  Macworld 10:33 05 Jan 2016

By ticking the playlists you want on the iPad or iPhone you are telling iTunes what should be on the device. It won't delete and reupload the old list as it knows it's already there, but if you had added a new track to the old list that track would now appear in the playlist on your iPad too.

  Yimbo 13:39 05 Jan 2016

Thanks again, Macworld. I think I get it now!

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