iPad Air 2 screen flimsiness

  Agh85 17:54 06 Oct 2015

Hello, I'm wondering whether anyone else has had issues with an iPad Air 2, in particular the screen?

I had an iPad with Retina display for 2 years with no issues, not a scratch on it (always kept in a Belkin case). Upgraded to this iPad Air 2 in late August, within a week it had slipped off the arm of the sofa onto the floor and gained a crack across the lower corner of the screen. It's been in a case the whole time but one that clearly isn't as well constructed as the Belkin.

Continued to use it and have today openned the cover to discover two more cracks, one stemming from and one intersecting the original crack.

Disappointed doesn't cover it. Is this the norm from new, thin Apple products? What can I do?! It's just over a month old!

  Macworld 11:30 07 Oct 2015

Since it is just over a month old I suggest you take it to an Apple Store, they may be able to replace the screen for you - you might have to pay, or get Apple Care to cover it, but it will be cheaper than replacing the device. I'd be inclined to blame the cover rather than the iPad, you need to make sure that a cover rises up slightly higher than the edges of the device, that offers the best protection.

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