iPad advice please

  GrannyA 18:10 17 Jan 2012

My husband would love an iPad for his birthday in February. We can afford the iPad but I am told that one then has to have a contract in order to use the internet part. Is this true and how much is it likely to cost. Also, does that mean that traveling with the iPad could prove costly i.e. cost of internet abroad. Also, if the iPad is bought in US will it work anywhere? Granny A

  john bunyan 21:11 17 Jan 2012
  Noldi 21:48 22 Jan 2012

i have a iPad but only connect to the internet via a wireless connection at home in Hotels or where I'm working. i believe that the iPad you mention is the 3G with a sim card and for that you need a provider o2 or simular, if you require mobile internet while on a train etc then that is the one. Because I have internet via my phone i dont require it on a iPad while on the move.


  GrannyA 22:24 22 Jan 2012

Thank you both for your replies which have been most helpful. Just need to know now if a US purchased iPad would work here - can anyone help with that? GrannyA

  KRONOS the First 05:46 23 Jan 2012

This will depend on whether you buy the Wi-Fi model or the 3G model and then there are versions of the 3G model also. A bit of reading for you here: Google.

  Woolwell 11:44 24 Jan 2012

An iPad is primarily charged through the mains (it does not normally charge through a PC's USB port). A US supplied iPad will come with a US plug but an adaptor can be fitted. A wifi version works universally. My son brings a US version to UK without any problems. 3G is a different matter. Personally I haven't missed 3G. You can use a smartphone as a wifi hotspot for the iPad but this can drain the phone's battery.

  Noldi 19:16 25 Jan 2012

did as Wollwell suggested today and run a Wifi hotspot through my htc. no problems to watch Sky Go on iPad.


  Condom 00:33 27 Jan 2012

Her indoors has just returned from 4 months touring overseas with her new iPad. She was able to keep in communication using local wifi set ups be it in hotels, cafe's or whatever. Many were free but she had to pay in a few countries, especiallt Australia where she found the charges higher than she expected but not expensive.

iPad's come unlocked so will work in any country and they are not like iPhones where most seem to be locked into phone network suppliers.

  Forum Editor 23:12 27 Jan 2012

You can access the internet on your iPad via a micro SIM which you can get from your mobile phone provider. I use mine with a T-Mobile SIM, and I get excellent internet access all over the UK for a few pounds a month.

  Woolwell 23:15 27 Jan 2012

FE - To clarify that is only for the 3G versions.

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