sneaky4343 13:25 08 Dec 2011

what sort of better features are there on an I-pad computer that a laptop and desktop pc don't have or are they the same

  chub_tor 17:59 08 Dec 2011

You could always check out PCAdvisor's own suggestions Click here

  naineysman 16:12 18 Dec 2011

There will always be a difference in what people think and experience but as I use both for work and leisure I'll hopefully help with some advice?

For 1) Instant on software, when you need that quick 'look' and off again, its a charm

2) 10 hour battery that lasts 10 hours on, enough said?

3) Networking in my experience is soooo much easier on an Apple device that any win based laptop/netbook.

4) App store is the biggest change to the way most people use software these days, and yes everyone is catching up in that regard but if you need a particular 'tool' there is most definitely an App for that.

Against 1) Struggling to think of anything from a normal user perspective (not sure about writing code, etc, emulating, etc)

I could go on,

hope that helps.

  wee eddie 14:46 19 Dec 2011

Tablets are toys/playthings. The iPad is the best, so everyone says.

Laptops & PCs do things

  Forum Editor 00:15 20 Dec 2011

"Tablets are toys/playthings."

There speaks someone who obviously hasn't used an iPad.

  wee eddie 11:52 20 Dec 2011

I fess up to that, but I have watched a good few in action: However, if you read the Reviews, you will see variations of this comment in almost all.

Keyboard no good for anything other than short messages, the usual Spreadsheets, Databases and Outlook, not supported.

Good for email, surfing the Net, watching Movies and playing Angry Birds.

So, bigger than a Smart phone, without the phone bit.

OH, and most phones have better camera's.

  Woolwell 23:15 20 Dec 2011

Spreadsheets are supported on the iPad as are presentations, and word documents. I use my iPad2 productively (otherwise I would have difficulty in justifying it) but it can be used as a toy as can a pc or phone. The camera on an iPad is poor but who wants to take a photo using that? It doesn't replace a laptop, which I also have. I also have a desktop and a smartphone. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I must admit I didn't fully appreciate the point of an ipad until I actually used one. Then I bought one. What I do find difficult to understand nowadays is the point of a netbook which seems to fall between 2 stools (the laptop and the tablet).

The answer to the OP's question is that they are different. Portability and great battery life are the main advantages of a tablet. If I want to edit photos though I would use something else and for video editing I still think that as desktop is best.

  Forum Editor 23:24 20 Dec 2011

wee eddie

"Keyboard no good for anything other than short messages, the usual Spreadsheets, Databases and Outlook, not supported."

I have no problems with the keyboard, but in any case you can get an iPad keyboard that sits inside the same case if you want real keys. Spreadsheets and databases are supported, and the iPad has an excellent email client built in.

I use computers all day, every day, and my iPad now goes wherever I go - it is without a doubt the most convenient mobile device I've ever used. I'm not saying that it compares to a laptop in all respects, but I've found it very hard to fault.

  wee eddie 01:32 21 Dec 2011

I am almost convinced.

If I hadn't been given a new Lappy for Christmas, I think that I'd have delved deeper than the Review Sections.

  Condom 21:57 21 Dec 2011

FE Her indoors found the iPad very good on her world trip and it was in great demand by her 2 colleagues who were with her. My idea of renting it out to them didn't go down too well.

Anyway the keyboard or lack of it was a bit feature of the moans so she is getting a bluetooth one for Xmas which sits inside a new carrying case which holds both so I hope it works well.

I think my idea of taking it with me when I leave again next year is going to result in her hiding it from my grasp.

  Woolwell 22:26 21 Dec 2011

If the keyboard had Samsung's swype technology it could be very good. However given the disputes between Apple and Samsung that is very unlikely.

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