Rigga 19:46 27 Jan 2010

'Apple Tablet' plugs gap between phone and laptop.

Says it all really.. not sure there's is a large enough gap?? thoughts?


  caccy 19:50 27 Jan 2010

"Apple Tablet' plugs gap between phone and laptop"

We find a cardboard box works well.

  simonjary 21:14 27 Jan 2010

Love my iPhone. But do I need a bigger one for round the house?

It would be nice but can live without for now.

  ton 23:00 27 Jan 2010

Can't say I've noticed a gap, certainly not one I need to fill.

  Woolwell 23:03 27 Jan 2010

Tend to agree with Steve Jobs about netbooks. I have never understood the craze for them. Similarly many are now buying laptops some of which are so heavy that they are not really portable and I suspect that they stay in the same place everyday. You can get a good desktop with a large screen for the same price.
As for the IPad many will buy it because it is Apple.
For me the screen is too small. I find viewing the web on anything below 12" is too small.
A few years ago we had 15" monitors, then everyone wanted 17" now its 22" and 24" and larger. Now in the name of portability we are going the other way.

I'll believe the 10 hrs battery life when I see it.

  donki 01:20 28 Jan 2010

Would be nice to have but to be honest nothing really ground breaking, I have my iPhone and MacBook il stick with them. If I had the money to throw away I'd get one but at the minute I don't. The Apple fan boys will no doubt snap them up. I know one thing with it will be a bugger to keep clean.

  wee eddie 06:44 28 Jan 2010

If it works smoothly, then I can see such an Item being useful and possibly replacing the laptop.

I would be worried about the 'safety' of the screen while the iPad is not in use.

p.s. In my opinion, Laptops do not really save space. Somewhere in the house, there has to be an area with things like a Printer, Scanner, Back-up Device, pile of CDs and software Disks, reams of various kinds of Paper and god knows what else, live. So, one might as well put a Desktop there as well and have a well 'specked' Computer that does not cost a small fortune.

  morddwyd 07:41 28 Jan 2010

Apart from work needs, if you can afford them laptops can be convenient around the house.

I have one in the bedroom, for those sleepless nights or early mornings (I am on it at the moment) and an ultra portable by the armchair, handy for quick reference without going into the other room and firing up the desktop.

The desktop, however, has the "Printer, Scanner, Back-up Device, pile of CDs and software Disks, reams of various kinds of Paper and god knows what else,"

  2neat 08:26 28 Jan 2010

So, is this a large iPod?
Got a usb port?
SD card slot?
I can see this being a nice toy but not a netbook replacement. When will Apple get flash vids to work?
Not sucked in yet, but looking forward to seeing one in the 'flesh'.

  interzone55 09:18 28 Jan 2010

This should be seen as yet another massive revenue stream for Jobs & co.

Apple fanbois will love it and I would imagine many of them are forming orderly well dressed queues outside the apple stores at this very moment.

The device will work well, and look nice, but in order to keep it looking nice you'll need to outfit it with apple branded covers, even if it's a third-party cover Apple will still get a royalty for use of the logo

The various programs will only be available from Apple's App store, so in order to get the New York Times feed you'll have to buy an app, and pay a subscription.

In order to use it on the move you'll have to pay extra for the 3G model, and pay for an airtime plan, again Apple get a cut of that.

These are the reasons why I admire Apple, but at the same time detest it for being far too greedy by locking the platform down so tightly, a move that would see Microsoft in court before the device hit the shops, but Apple seems immune from the actions of Anti-Trust courts...

  jack 09:27 28 Jan 2010

This has been the case since day one with Apple, and I have oft wondered how they have managed to stay out of the 'Anti trust wrangles that beset Intel MS et-al.
They did lose out to one such fight in the early 80's in the beginning of GUI's which when they purchased a licence from Digital, thought they had got full rights, instead they found them selves in court fighting off the likes of Amiga,Amstrad,Atari,IBM- M/S and others.
The out come the various licenses were locked to various versions- which was then an encouragement for uncle Bill,and his gang to do for them selves.

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