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  gaslamp 13:06 07 Mar 2012

I have a new ipad 2 32g wi fi. Facetime doesn't call my contacts, they don't get a ring from my ipad when using facetime. If they call me first I can then call them back but next time it doesn't ring my contacts iphone or ipad. I called Apple but its still the same after one call to them. I am asking here cos it seems better if I can read thru any answers instead of speaking on the phone.

I have tried the ipad wi fi DNS address fix and I have now tried but it hasn't fixed it.

ISP Virgin media cable 10mg Virgin modem. Router Netgear. PC HP. Vista OS. Everything is up to date no malware/spyware or viruses. ipad ios 5.0.1

I have contacted Virgin to get one of their hubs in case the issue is my router.

Can you help please?

  Woolwell 16:32 07 Mar 2012

I don't use Facetime but use Skype. Don't think it can be wifi setings otherwise you wouldn't be able to get on the internet, etc. Have you set it up correctly? See How to set up Facetime

  CFC23 16:49 07 Mar 2012

I set mine up as per the link given by Woolwell and it works perfectly.

I have used Skype with the ipad but I find Facetime is far better. I use Facetime to contact my son in NZ and he uses his iphone,we both agree it is better that Skype.

  Woolwell 16:51 07 Mar 2012

The snag with Facetime is that it is apple devices to apple devices only.

  gaslamp 19:06 08 Mar 2012

Thanks for the replies. So far it seems to work mostly so I'll carry on investigations.

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