ipad 2 cpnnects to network but not to internet!

  Earpicker 19:40 16 Oct 2015

During my 5 day visit abroad (italy) I could connect to all wif-fi's including my iphones personal hotspot and then nothing! Even back home issue continues. I did everything possible, also a hard reboot. I checked the rooter, IP adress etc. they ae all ok. I am still on ios 9.0. At this moment I am trying to download and install 9.02 through USB connection from my laptop. By the way all pc'c and my iphone are connected to home internet, there is no problem neither. Any suggestions?

  Macworld 11:27 19 Oct 2015

I think some people had some WiFi issues early on, so updating sounds like a good idea.

You could update to the next version of iOS 9 using iTunes on your Mac (or PC). Plug the iPhone in and open iTunes and select the phone and you should see the option to install the latest version.

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