IOS10 update wiped out iTunes

  Vikki Lloyd 00:37 25 Nov 2016

IOS10 seems to have a lot in common with Windows 10. Both were not particularly wanted and both have done badly. IOS10 installation wiped out everything in iTunes off the handset. I didn't even realise until the phone 'rang' with an unrecognisable pling-plong-pling. Ringtones had gone too. Any attempts to resync things are met with a message 'The iPhone cannot be synced because it cannot be found'. It is of course plugged in to the computer at the time. Is it time to go back to Samsung?

  iscanut 19:54 25 Nov 2016

Both ok for me, not done badly at all. Have had no problems with either and Win 10 is very stable and good. IOS10 is also ok as far as I am concerned. , sounds as if you were just unlucky.

  mgmcc 21:25 25 Nov 2016

Check that you have the latest version of iTunes for compatibility with iOS 10.1.1

I assume Windows uses the same version as macOS in which case it will be iTunes 12.5.3

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