Intel Mac versus PC

  shellship 17:52 29 Mar 2006

The latest Intel based Mac has a 2.0GHz dual core processor while a top of the range PC will have a 3.4 GHz dual core. Does this mean the Mac is much slower or does the Mac OS make all the difference.

I'm still thinking of getting a Mac for my 70th!!

  Quiet Life 16:43 30 Mar 2006

I was recently thinking of the Intel based Mac but found out that a lot of Mac programs have not been converted for the new operating system and are being processed by a type of simulator in the operating system. The effect of this is that they are running much slower than on the previous IBM based processor.Decided to look again when all the Mac programs had been updated.

  shellship 17:46 30 Mar 2006

Yes, I've read the same which makes me wait a while, like you. However I'd still like to know whether the Intel based Mac is slower than a top end PC.

  shellship 21:28 30 Mar 2006

PJ - My daughter is PJ (Penelope Jane) but I don't think you are female. However, I think from postings that you are a Mac afficianado. Can you answer my question, please.

  chamoclafastic 15:38 03 Apr 2006

To put it simply, yes. Although the mac workspace and os are great it can't justify that kind of speed increase. (they do look a thousand times better though)

  Quiet Life 13:00 06 Apr 2006

In a real world I believe you would have to look at the type of work you are going to use the computer for to decide which job was carried out quicker on a PC or Mac.
I see that the new operating system Leopard is due to be released August and being able to run Windows is going to mean a lot of new customers for Mac.

"Apple gives Windows run of Mac hardware

Apple has released software that enables its new Intel Macs to run Windows XP.
Apple has released software that enables its new Intel Macs to run Windows XP.

Available as a public beta, Boot Camp lets users restart in either XP or OS X; it is not an emulation environment like Microsoft's Virtual PC, which is not yet - and now may never be - available for Intel-based Macs.

The final version of Boot Camp will be included with OS X 10.5 - Leopard - which, the company also announced today, will be previewed at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in August, as we predicted."

  shellship 12:02 13 Apr 2006

Many thanks. Perhaps I will wait until August.

Will tick this as resolved.

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