Installing Black Hawk Down in 2nd machine, help!

  rickf 15:45 21 Apr 2003

I have BHD and it installed in my P4 machine but will not install in my son's comp, an AMD 2OOO+. Set up goes to 99%, then please wait but nothing happens. It did the same in the P4 but after a short while continues to install.ANY IDEAS PLEASE? Son is desperate to play it on his comp.

  powerless 15:55 21 Apr 2003

It would be nice to know what Operating system you are using?

...and all the system spces.

But, close down every program running in the background using Ctrl - Alt - Delete.

Run Disk Defragmenter and Scandisk (aka Check Disk in XP).

You could also send all the files in the TEMP folder to the recycle bin, but do not delete them just send them there.

Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click ok and send all file to the bin, but do not delete them.

Then try and reinstall BHD.

  rickf 16:00 21 Apr 2003

Both comps are running XP. I have tried closing all progs in the background before installing but confronted with the same prob. Will tey emptying the temp folder and see. Any more suggestions in the meantime?

  Evolution 18:15 21 Apr 2003


I had the same problem with another game after installing it fine on another two machines on my network.

I simply cleaned the disk with a CD cleaner and it installed fine after that.

The disk could also be scratched slightly then a successful installation may be down to the performance of your CD or DVD ROM in each machine. If you have a CD ROM and a CDRW Drive on your Son's machine you could try installing from each.

Good luck.

BHD is a good and exciting game although why they dropped the Cooperative play that was present in Landwarrior is beyond me!


  powerless 18:18 21 Apr 2003

Co-op's, i never played them in LW.

BHD well i'm attracted to the the sound in Mulitplayer it's amazing.

  rickf 19:12 21 Apr 2003

Thanks to you both. I had tried to install from different drives as suggested but no go. I then installed it in my 3rd machine which also runs XP and AMD 2000+ and everything was hunky dory. No time at the moment but will try my son's machine again after. Will keep you guys inform later.

  rickf 12:31 22 Apr 2003

Said I'll post back. Still no go. I have even swap DVD drives between two machines and it still won't install in the 2nd comp. Stops at 99% set up. I can't understand, it installs ok in my other machines. Some sort of software conflict maybe? Any more suggestions fellas adn gals? Thanks

  rickf 14:59 22 Apr 2003


  snoresloudly 15:11 22 Apr 2003

just a thought, I know you say you have closed all programmes but is your anti virus still running?? some games will not intall if this so

  rickf 16:04 22 Apr 2003

Thanks for your response. I did close everything including anti virus. The sys tray was empty before I tried. I am totally flumoxed. Any other ideas? Thanks.

  rickf 16:07 22 Apr 2003

OH, forgot to mention that it installed ok with all progs running in the background in my other two comps. I am really perplexed and would like now to solve this prob as a challenge than anything else. It will be a bonus as it follows that it will then install in my son's comp. He'll be well plaesed.

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