Install Linux on MacBook Pro without erasing files

  avmac 20:34 04 Sep 2017

I am interested in installing Linux on my MacBook Pro and have just read your "How to install & set up Linux on a Mac" in Mac World. I went through with steps 1-19 without a problem but step 20 says "Select "Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu" and click Continue". It also gives a warning that my old operating system files, programs, etc. would be erased and I can't get them back. But at the top of the window it also says "No operating systems have been detected"-or something along those lines. Does this mean that this operating system replacement won't replace my old OS X and won't erase all my files, programs, etc. I only want to install Ubuntu Linux if I DON'T have to erase all of my old programs, files, etc. Any help with installing Linux without erasing my old files, programs, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

  Menzie 22:21 04 Sep 2017

If Linux hasn't detected any other OS it can potentially erase your current OS and files.

It will also not give you the option to start Mac OS without messing about with Grub.

I know a little bit about Linux but unfortunately not partitioning manually and forcing it to detect the other OS.

Perhaps someone with more experience can assist more.

  HondaMan 11:18 05 Sep 2017

Get a copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac

  Jollyjohn 13:31 05 Sep 2017

Having read through the same article I would agree with Honda Man, use Parallels and install Linux as a virtual installation.

If you try to install to your hard drive Linux will remove OSX.

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