Increase photo quality iphone 6?

  tonyq 17:59 13 Jun 2017

Hi, when my daughter in law sends me a photo taken with her iphone 6 the picture is very low resolution ie. the last one she sent was 128 KB which could have been cropped slightly, but still seems very low quality. Is there a way to set the phone to a better resolution ?

  bremner 17:10 14 Jun 2017

When she emails the photo to you it seems likely she has reduced the size. The phone is set to 8MP which will be much bigger than 128KB

  Menzie 02:21 15 Jun 2017

If she's sending them via multimedia message then they are actually compressed and resized when sent and not at the original resolution.

Sending uncompressed by email and via instant message will preserve the original resolution.

  tonyq 18:29 15 Jun 2017

She is sending them by email (Gmail) which I think has 3 options for size, so that will probably be the cause. I will see how she sends them the next time I see her.

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