Implication of getting a MAC

  Border View 17:47 12 Jan 2011

I have used a PC with windows for ten years so in that respect am not a beginner. However I don't have a clue about a MAC

Question: I use Family Historian which is a gedcom file; I have extensive photographs on Jpeg and BMP; loads of files on word documents (I use Microsoft Office 2003 on my PC) - If I buy a MAC will I be able to load my files onto CDs or memory sticks and put them onto the MAC?

Some advice please which will help me decide whether or not I buy a new MAC or a new PC desktop

  Strawballs 19:48 12 Jan 2011

click here= One of these should be able to help.

  morddwyd 20:03 12 Jan 2011

One major implication is that you would have to leave the PCA forums!

  Terry Brown 21:14 12 Jan 2011


If this forum can put up with LINUX, and every windows system from win 98 to WIn 7 (Has anyone got a win 95 or DOS computer?), why should MAC's be excluded.

Spread the knowledge- let us all share and learn.

  ams4127 21:50 12 Jan 2011

The simple answer is "Yes".

  Border View 22:28 12 Jan 2011

Thank you ams4127 I believe that answered my question

morddwyd and Terry - sorry but you lost me off completely.

When I joined PCA forum I was about the 38 thousand member. Not sure how high the membership number has risen. I can never remember discrimination on this forum between PC or MAC.

  Border View 22:30 12 Jan 2011

Please forgive me for missing you out. Thank you for those links.

  morddwyd 08:36 13 Jan 2011

Sorry, it was meant to be a joke.

These are PC Advisor Forums.

By general consensus Macs are not normally regarded as PCs.

However, as the forums also cover Blackberry, tablets, mobiles and laptops (not to mention tinned goods!) I did not really think that anyone would take me seriously!

  Ian in Northampton 10:26 13 Jan 2011

One of the implications to bear in mind is that many will believe you, as a Mac owner, to be a poseur graphics artist type who routinely wears sandals, values 'cool' above any other attribute, and has much more money than sense.

Yes, that was a joke too... ;-)

  bremner 11:00 13 Jan 2011

Have a look at this article from..............PCA
click here

  Border View 15:33 13 Jan 2011

bremner - thank you for that link.

Ian in Northampton - but how did you know how well to sum me up. And I have never been square. lol.

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