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iMac wont load past booting screen

  Georgia Hare 17:50 04 Mar 2018

My iMac all of a sudden won’t boot up. I get the normal black screen with the white Apple logo and progress bar underneath it as soon as I turn it on. This normally takes a few seconds but is currently taking up to 20 minutes. When it gets to the end of the bar nothing happens, tried rebooting, starting in safe mode (which doesnt seem to make a difference), tried reinstalling the software in recovery mode and using disk utility to check the drives and they all came back with no problem. I have also started up the computer holding down the D key which checks the hardware and that also came back with no problems. I have had this iMac for about 15 months so is now out of warrenty which is so frustrating! is there anything else I can try? I have a iMac, late 2015, updated to Mac high Sierra

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