iMac wireless mouse frozen after sleeping

  Sapins 10:42 04 Aug 2013

I put the computer to sleep when I thought I had fully reloaded some tabs, now on wake-up the mouse has frozen and nothing I can do will activate it. The mouse pointer freezes. I have replaced the batteries, I have switched off and on, forced a restart but no success.

  spuds 11:11 04 Aug 2013

Sapins - I have just put the same header title in a Google search box, and a number of links have been shown, as a possible answer, including mac user forums. So perhaps a look there might resolve the problem, while waiting for a response on this forum?.

  Sapins 11:49 04 Aug 2013

Thank you very much spuds.

  Sapins 13:02 04 Aug 2013

I am totally frustrated, nothing I do will restart the computer or restore the use of the mouse, I have searched the apple communities sites, nothing works from there either. I have tried a USB mouse, used all the combinations on the keyboard. zilch. I am beginning to wish I had bought a Windows desktop!!!

  TonyV 18:17 04 Aug 2013


I see you have the problem in the Apple Forum. Try this link from there. It may help especially the Link contained within from the Apple help.

Apple Help

Cheers TonyV

  Sapins 20:16 04 Aug 2013

Hello Tonyv, No good I'm afraid, I will telephone Apple support tomorrow.

  TonyV 22:45 04 Aug 2013


Sorry it was of no use! I have to say the Magic Mouse is not a very reliable piece of equipment. They are always disconnecting and not waking from sleep. I have both the Trackpad and the MM so that if one doesn't wake up, I can usually have the other waking!! Belt and braces I think it is called.

Hope all goes well with your call to Apple tomorrow, you should have 90 days free help from the date you purchased your iMAC.



  retep888™ 23:46 04 Aug 2013

How to Restart a Frozen Mac click here

Try it before you phone Apple helpline.

  Sapins 07:46 05 Aug 2013

Tonyv, I think it may be the mouse.

What I didn't say was when starting it downloads e-mails from the Mail App and it is keeping them up to date! Can't open them though. I'm not too hopeful of help from Apple, it is nearly 2 months out of guarantee, they want £19 a time for phone help, which I am not going to pay. I'll let you know how I get on.

retep888™, it did not work but thanks for your help.

  Sapins 11:06 05 Aug 2013

Price of support now £35 per call. I have in fact made an appointment at the Apple shop in Bordeaux on this Wednesday, I believe they will diagnose the problem then I can discuss mortgage arrangements!!!

  TonyV 16:33 05 Aug 2013


I happen to have been in the Apple Store at Cribbs Causeway, (Bristol), this morning and asked in there if they sold a mouse with a wired connection because of the unreliability I have with the MM. They naturally say that they don't have problems with them and they are very reliable. In speaking to them, they do sell a wired mouse, but said this technology is about 4 years old!! To which I said, if it works, I don't really care how old the technology is, because the new technology one doesn't work properly!! They also said that the next time I am there if I take my MM to them they will change it for a new one even though it is now well out of guarantee. At least that was encouraging. They were using the "Not Fit For Purpose" argument to make the change for me!

Hope you get on OK with the Genius desk in the Apple Store in Bordeaux. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Have fun


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