IMac vs PC vs Mac Mini!

  Gigabiter 09:12 19 Nov 2011

Hi apologies if this has been done to death elsewhere, but the only relevant thread I found appears to have been locked. I've always had Windows PCs, and stayed away from Apple as they appeared to be expensive, had limited software available, and seemed to lock you in to all their products for them to work best - ITunes, Office Mac, and now Iphone, Ipad, Cloud etc. My latest PC, a Cyberpower some 4 years old which had been upgraded to Vista ( yes, I know!)a better video card and 4GB of RAM, finally died recently with the dreaded POST beeps,first various warning ones indicating a failing motherboard or something, now just constant beeping. Luckily I used Mozyhome backup, so I've managed to restore my files onto my new Acer laptop ( apart from my e-mail archive, but that's another problem for another thread!). Any thoughts on this would be welcome! Anyhoo, a friend has converted to Apple products and raves about how it all "just works" as their strapline says. Also other people have said how easily everything connects, and how well built the Macs are and that they don't slow down like Windows PCs do. So I'm in the position of having a newish Acer 5742G with Windows 7 ( which is very good)a Samsung Syncmaster 226BW 22" hdmi screen, and a Samsung Wave phone just out of warranty, whose screen is losing sensitivity. I'm considering replacing the PC with an IMac or Mac Mini, and getting an Iphone ( once the battery issue has been sorted for sure. I've always found PC Advisor's reviews very helpful, but although they include Mac laptops and the Iphone, they've never included Macs. So - views please! And should I get a Mac Mini to utilise the existing display, or is the IMac display better anyway? (21" not 27")

  Kevscar1 09:23 19 Nov 2011

I know nothing about MAC's and never will for the simple reason that although you maybe be able to do most things I can with my PC and some of them maybe easier, The PC leaves it wallowing in mud where games are concerned

  Gigabiter 09:46 19 Nov 2011

Thanks Kevscar - I think there are workarounds using Bootcamp or something, but in my case I don't play any graphics-intensive games, so it's not an issue. It would appear that anyone who does any serious photo, video or music editing swears by them and wouldn't use anything else. I don't particularly, but just want a complete system that connects easily, is solidly built, and works properly.

  Kevscar1 10:06 19 Nov 2011

Never had any problem doing photo or video editing on my PC. Used to be slow but when I got an 8Gb Ram 64 bit Vista system it just flew along

  bremner 11:07 19 Nov 2011


As you quite correctly say Kevcars statement is totally invalid due to the ability to run Windows in Bootcamp on any Intel Mac.

Having converted to an iMac 5 years ago there is no way I would revert. OS X knocks Windows for six and the hardware build is streets ahead. That said you do have to pay a premium.

I would go to an Apple Store and see all how easy and simple running a IMac is and how iPhones and iPads intergate seamlessly.

  Forum Editor 11:28 19 Nov 2011

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  Forum Editor 11:35 19 Nov 2011


"Kevcars statement is totally invalid due to the ability to run Windows in Bootcamp on any Intel Mac."

That's just the point though, isn't it? You're talking about using a workaround to get a Mac to run the games. Kevcars statement is perfectly correct.

Macs are great, I've used them myself for many years. Windows machines are great, too. I do get a little irritated whenever I see people claiming that Macs are far superior to Windows PCs in every respect, because it's just not true. Both platforms have their strengths, and both have their weaknesses. The simple fact is, however, that the vast majority of the world's desktops and laptops are Windows machines. I like both platforms for different reasons - long may they both enjoy popularity.

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