iMac versus PC

  ace121pk 23:02 29 Jul 2004

what is the deal with iMac's and PC's? why do so many people own PC's then iMacs?

  Falkyrn 23:11 29 Jul 2004


  Charence 23:14 29 Jul 2004

PCs are generally:


Have more available software/hardware

You can build them yourself

More flexible

  Charence 23:16 29 Jul 2004

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  Forum Editor 23:32 29 Jul 2004

but they're more expensive than PCs and the range of available software tends to be smaller (although growing).

To my mind it's not a question of PCs versus Macs - it's not a competition. Both machines are good, both Windows and MacOS have their strengths and weaknesses,and both platforms have their staunch supporters. They are both computers, and have their place in the scheme of things, although anyone who has come into close proximity to a Mac G4 and a big Macintosh cinema display knows that Apple win hands down when it comes to making a computer look good.

  Charence 00:19 30 Jul 2004

I agree with FE, Macs do indeed look very good! And quite a lot of them now come standard with 16:9 monitors.

I wouldn't get a Mac yet though (they're too expensive) and last time I was in PC World I was finding it difficult to use it, quite different from PCs.

I have always wondered if it was possible to install Windows on a Mac, is it?

  ajm 00:34 30 Jul 2004

In answer to your question of installing Windows on a Mac, yes it is possible by way of software called Virtual PC. This installs a Windows OS on top of the Apple Mac OS and then you can run any windows software within Virtual PC. However the system requirements are quite heavy.

I made the jump by buying a Apple PowerBook G4 laptop about a month ago and have found that it is really terrific. Yes for stuff like video editing using iMovie and music downloads using iTunes, it is very good indeed.

As the FE rughtly pointed out, software for the MAC OS is very limited, however the basic stuff like Office and Web Designing is available for the Mac OS.

Still havent thrown away the Compaq Desktop PC yet.

  Forum Editor 00:35 30 Jul 2004

Virtual PC for Mac - made by Microsoft - which enables you to create a ........virtual PC on your Mac in any one of a number of versions of Windows, including WinXP.

What happens is that the virtual Windows PC runs as an application window on the Mac, and you can run lots of Windows software - just as if you had two computers - a Mac and a PC both on the same machine. The software will run on G3 and G4 Macs, but not on G5's. This is because the software relies on a feature of the G3 and G4 CPUs called "pseudo little - endian mode" (it'as true, I swear it) to emulate a Pentium processor and the G5 processor doesn't have this. Microsoft are currently re-writing the software so it will work on these processors.

So now you know.

  Forum Editor 00:37 30 Jul 2004

you beat me to it.

  Kate B 14:59 30 Jul 2004

I've got a honking great PC and an iBook at home - love 'em both for different reasons. And I've also got 'em happily networked, too. The iBook has a slight edge on the PC in the looks department, but the PC is much more powerful.

  Charence 02:16 31 Jul 2004

Now I know!

ace121pk - regarding your question "why do so many people own PC's then iMacs?"; do you own an iMac? If not then why did you not buy one?

I think another reason why there still aren't as many Apple's as PCs is because there is not as much choice. Only Apple makes Macs, a LOT of companies make PCs (e.g. Dell, Mesh, NEC, Time, etc).

I'm assuming that upgraded some components of iMac (the white dome shaped round one with monitor attached to base) because it doesn't seem to have PCI slots and you'd have to turn the system around to open it up, whereas you just push a button or turn a thumbscrew on a PC case and the side panel will come off giving quick easy access.

Both have their advantages I think, PCs are practical and cheap and Macs look good!


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