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iMac Screen goes to Sleep and won't Un-Sleep?

  andyeyemac 15:43 21 Aug 2018

Hi . . My iMac 27" (Mid 2010) Screen goes to sleep , the computer stays on but Screen won't re-Awake, So have to Force Restart. Seems to be connected to screen brightness , if i put the brightness on minimum the screen generally stays on , but as soon as i turn up the brightness it sleeps the screen. Its as if the computer is overheating , But it isn't. Ive tried resetting the PRAM lots of times and it may help for a few minutes before it sleeps again. Mac Repair place said they don't repair or look at mac pre 2014 ? so they wouldn't touch it. It seems to be a very common problem but no one has an answer . . Can any one help or advise on this issue . . Cheers Andy

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