iMac in safe mode, bar frozen, tried everything

  JFN 16:33 29 Apr 2018

iMac slowed down the other day, struggling with iTunes, so rebooted in safe mode, but the progress bar won't go past, maybe 2%. I've left it for three hours with nothing. I've tried cmd-opt-p-r, shift, opt on its own, and every other suggestion I can find, including disconnecting mouse and keyboard, and the result is the same. Any other suggestions? Help would be very much appreciated. Computer is about 8 years old, and nothing has been added in terms of memory etc. Was about to update the software (a bit late) so was about to back everything up. Anyway, thanks in advance.


  JFN 16:35 29 Apr 2018

Just noticed a previous thread. Will take a look there.

  Jollyjohn 21:06 29 Apr 2018

See my suggestions in this thread click here

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