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Imac as monitor for G4 ????????????

  snapyou 17:11 03 Apr 2020

I have an old G4 but no monitor. Is there anyway to connect it to an Imac?(mine is about 8 years old)

Thanks in advance!

  wee eddie 17:21 03 Apr 2020

a G4 should be able to run any monitor, pickup a second-hand cheapie

  snapyou 17:37 03 Apr 2020

Thanks wee eddie. I was about to throw the G4 out until i thought there may be some old photos on up.Would rather not buy a monitor on the off chance.Any way of using my imac as "monitor"? Also i am in Edinburgh,Scotland,so if anyone wants an old G4...?

  wee eddie 18:09 03 Apr 2020

I'm tempted. I live in Ayr so it's a long drive and I've always fancied going to the Dark Side!

Most people have an old monitor, sitting in their loft. Likely an, over the wall, chat with your neighbours could scare one up.

  Forum Editor 19:11 03 Apr 2020

"Most people have an old monitor, sitting in their loft."

Before you try one from someone's loft, make sure it will connect to your G4 tower. Depending on its age, the tower may have a VGA connector in addition to an Apple Display Connector.

Don't forget to check that the voltage switch on the back of the G4 is set to '230' before you plug in and switch on. The monitor power socket to the right of the tower's power socket will automatically set to the same voltage, and Apple monitors that connect to the Apple Display Connector (ADC) will automatically draw the correct voltage.

  wee eddie 22:20 03 Apr 2020

VGA to HDMI Cables available for a couple of quid

  bremner 13:36 04 Apr 2020

What is the iMac model and what MacOS is it running?

  snapyou 14:29 04 Apr 2020

Thanks so much for all the replies. The imac is running on 10.11.6(el capitan). It is a 20" Early 2008

  bremner 17:25 04 Apr 2020

Your iMac does not support Target Display Mode so cannot be used as an external monitor for your G4

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