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iMac Lockout, no proof of purchase.

  barnby 22:31 02 Apr 2019

I'm locked out of my iMac due to password change cockup. Screen has padlock icon. Apple say that without proof of purchase, they can't reset the password. They are basically saying throw it away along with all the work contained therein. Anybody know how to get round it? Steve

  wee eddie 09:01 03 Apr 2019

So, where did you get it?

  john bunyan 16:55 03 Apr 2019

Was this a second hand Mac? If jailbroken I phones etc get blocked on attempting updates

  Jollyjohn 11:44 04 Apr 2019

Geta 32GB USB drive or external hard drive. Press and hold Command + R When you get to this screen click here Reinstall Mac OS to the USB drive or external hard drive. Once installed reboot and hold the Option key - more info here click here and boot from the recovery drive you have just created.

You should then be able to see the internal hard drive and recover your work from it.

  john bunyan 20:44 06 Apr 2019

Another First time poster who doesn't bother to reply

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