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  [DELETED] 23:48 15 May 2006

i'm looking at buying a new computer and i quite like the look of the 17inch intel imac(alway wanted an apple for some reason) but i can only find details comparing it to previous apple models, can anybody suggest a comparitive pc model or any similar info so i can judge wheather the extra expense of an apple can be justified. i only use my current pc for the standard basic tasks(music internet microsoft office etc) if that is of any use. thanks

  [DELETED] 10:36 16 May 2006

if you're looking to compare it with a laptop, try one of these:
click here

  [DELETED] 21:10 16 May 2006

rite so my current pc is a 2.93Ghz pentium 4 with 512 mb of RAM so basically im wondering what kind of jump in performance the imac would give

  [DELETED] 08:55 17 May 2006

I haven't had any "hands on" experience with an imac, so best answered by someone who has. Compared to the MT40 laptop I mentioned, I think that would give you a significant performance boost over your present setup.

  [DELETED] 20:47 19 May 2006

right can someone please correct me if im wrong, but isnt the processor used in this imac essentialy a laptop processor, and when looking at dell models i can configure them with 3+GHz dual core intel processors so isnt this imac processor a vastly inferior component or am i missing the point completely?

  powerless 21:42 19 May 2006

***i only use my current pc for the standard basic tasks(music internet microsoft office etc) if that is of any use.***

The processor isn't going to make one bit of difference then, you'll want plenty of RAM if anything.

  [DELETED] 17:32 28 May 2006

so is there any intel imac users out there who can tell me what they think of their model?

  ajm 17:43 28 May 2006

I am the proud owner of a new Apple MacBook Pro laptop 15". Previously I had a PowerBook G4.

I bought that MacBook pro as I was quite keen to run both Windows and MacOS on one machine. Windows XP was a dream to setup on the MacBook Pro. This now will allow me to put my PC into "retirement" as I prevously was not able to use my Apple for applications like Outlook and Quicken. Now I am able to do so.

Go for an apple, you will not regret it!!!

  [DELETED] 17:46 28 May 2006

can i ask how you find windows runs on the mac does it appear to be as slick as if it was run on a similar spec pc?

  ajm 18:02 28 May 2006

In fact i feel that windows runs more faster than on my main desktop machine which is a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz with 1GB RAM. However, I have yet to install addiional software like Office or Quicken on the MacBook Pro.

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