iMac with bootcamp installed and hard drive failure

  Mohamed-2229510 12:30 11 Dec 2014

Hi everyone,

I have an iMac 1TB and used bootcamp to install windows 10. One morning the screen was displaying the flashing folder with question mark inside.

In short, the hard drive is not detected anymore. I booted using the internet utility.. and disk utility doesn't detect any hard drives (except the image created by internet utility).

I went to genius bar and they have identified the hard drive is faulty and replaced it.

Now I installed windows 10 again using bootcamp and it was working fine. Until one night it auto installed updates and restarted to that flashing folder again.


I don't want to go through the same hassle of 2 weeks waiting for apple to replace the hard drive.. with christmas nearby.. it could be until next year.. and why on earth does it crash the drive everytime!!!!?


  RobsonPreviato 13:05 16 Jan 2015

I guess the problem is with Windows 10. I lost two HDD trying to install Windows 10. I never tried again.

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