iMac Blank screen after power-cut

  HondaMan 08:41 03 Jan 2017

We had a power cut over night, so my iMac was switched off this morning.

The problem now is that although it starts OK, I have no out-put to the screen, other than, the Apple Logo and progress bar. The background picture appears very briefly but is very fuzzy. The mouse pointer is present and works. The screen remains blank.

If I restart in recovery node, the usual details are present at their default resolution.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated

  Forum Editor 11:46 03 Jan 2017

Try this:-

  1. Shut down your computer

  2. Unplug the power cord.

  3. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, then release the button.

  4. Re-attach the power cable.

  5. Turn the computer back on.

  HondaMan 15:27 09 Jan 2017

Sorry FE, been out of touch, but it did jot work. In desperation took it to my local Apple repair shop, got it back 2 days later and it seemed to be working. Performed a Time-Machine migration and Bingo, this time no access to my account. Tried all combinations over the week-end. I could create new accounts and delete them, but no way could I access my own account, so this morning back to there repair shop who on the last occasion simply did a re-install which I had already tried.

So now I am waiting for the phone call to say that they have fixed it?

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