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iMac 2019 27' 5K issues with sound input

  AbyGail Hastings 11:36 15 Nov 2019

I have been a Mac Nerd for 10 years plus, I have tolerated all the lead changes and loss of the usage of products I have had for my iphone and iPads but I have persevered... until now.

I use my iMac as a recording studio, I have purchased all Apple products such as LogicProX to accompany my iMac so to create continuity. Now I ask myself..... why oh why?

Just short of two weeks ago I bought a new iMac 2019, 27' 5K display. I set it up and started to connect all to find the 3mm input socket is no longer on the iMac, the only input is a USB!

On contacting Apple I have had a long run of bad customer service as none of the advisors including two Tech advisors were even aware that this was the case. Twice it was suggested that the output 3mm socket was input/output and all I needed was a 3mm, 3 ring connector. The first suggestion was a standard 3mm, 3 ring connector and the second a 3mm splitter connector, both of which I purchased to no avail.

I then spoke to an advisor who researched and found that it was in fact merely output and that I would need a third party USB interface should I wish to have high quality music input. He was supposed to get back to me alas I had to call them again this morning as I only have until Tuesday to return this machine.

I am so disappointed as the rest of the iMac is stunning although I have lost the ability to use a few menial programs on the whole it is a good machine.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to quality interfaces as Apple do not offer any help or product to solve the issue they have in fact created.

I would be ever so grateful for help and lets see if I do have to return this on Tuesday

  rardjaink 20:27 16 Nov 2019

posso usare l'italiano or english

  rardjaink 18:13 17 Nov 2019

posso usare l'italiano or english

  HondaMan 08:51 18 Nov 2019

Don't give up! Have a look on and you could always reinstall an older OS in a virtual machine.

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