IE8 problems connecting to Apple web sites

  Kniffy 11:52 03 May 2010

For approx the last 7 days I have not been able to acces Apple web sites previously used satisfactorily, mainly in support of my iPhone. Any suggestions on how to correct this fault/softare probem would be very much appreciated

  Sea Urchin 15:24 03 May 2010

Are you using an Apple Mac system or Windows? And which browser?

  Kniffy 15:44 03 May 2010

Windows XP with Google

  Sea Urchin 15:56 03 May 2010

Would you be able to post one of the websites you are trying to access unsuccessfully?

  Kniffy 16:36 03 May 2010
  Sea Urchin 16:57 03 May 2010

Google isn't a browser - it is a search engine. I can access that site using both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox (browsers)

What is happening when you try the site - any error message?

  Kniffy 17:41 03 May 2010

Thank you Sea Urchin. You are being very supportive and I appreciate your assistance and suggestions I have tried most combinations of IE 7, IE 8, Mozilla Firefox and Google. In the first two cases, I receive a simple statement to the effcet that IE cannot access the chosen pages(or wording to that effect). FF stated something similar.In all cases of the other combinations, every site chosen with the exception of all the Apple variants, is easily and promptly accessed.

I guess that it cannot be a virus because of the limited effect as experienced. Are there any other "enables" "disables" which Im ay have inadvertently wandered into? I think that I have checked them all but I freely admit that my capability is limited.

  Sea Urchin 18:41 03 May 2010

Difficult to know what the problem is - as it seems to be only the Apple sites you have a problem with. Plus the fact that all your browsers are affected.

I was surprised by your remark that you have tried IE7 and IE8 - is this on two different computers, as you couldn't/shouldn't have both installed together.

I agree that it wouldn't seem to be malware - and I cannot see why your various 'settings' should just affect the Apple sites. Any Apple helpline you can contact?

Sorry - not much help, but maybe someone else on here might have some other ideas?

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