I'd like a tablet, pref an ipad but...

  Damarc 09:32 09 Mar 2012

Are they usable with projectors? And can you put MS Office on an Ipad to use the presentation software? Our projector has one of those pin connections. Is there a bridging cable that will go from usb to projector connection cable?

  Ian in Northampton 10:45 09 Mar 2012

There are two issues here. First, Office iwsn't 'natively' available on the iPad. There are people out there who claim to be able to install Office on the iPad, but their approach isn't straightforward.

However, if you look here:


you'll see that it may become officially available later in the year. I wouldn't 100% bank on it, though.

However, this thread


seems to indicate that you can indeed project PowerPoint slides from an iPad. You'd need to source an appropriate connector - something like this:


If the iPad has a significant issue, it's its lack of connectivity (e.g. no USB, AFAIK).

  lotvic 11:32 09 Mar 2012

Here's a handy comparison chart (with reviews) that show what tablet has what connectors etc toptenreviews

  Woolwell 12:42 09 Mar 2012

Keynote on an iPad will run PowerPoint however you may lose some animations or other formatting. You can create presentations using Keynote. Pages and Numbers replicate Word and Excel and allow you to open and edit those documents. You have to buy the Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps but they are not expensive. By using the VGA or HDMI connector (both bought separately) you can connect an iPad to a projector. When you connect an iPad to TV or projector it mirrors what is on the iPad screen. iPad does not have a USB connection as standard. The snag with using an iPad for presenting is that you cannot use a memory stick nor does it have a CD drive. I still prefer to use my lightweight laptop.

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