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iCloud problem with iPad 2 IOS 9.3.5

  DavidJarvis 16:59 04 Jun 2018

iCloud storage shows 2 files of data saved for one app. Only one is accessible from app. 2nd file appears to be saved at an earlier date. Any ideas for accessing 2nd file?

  Forum Editor 11:52 06 Jun 2018

Which app are we talking about here?

  DavidJarvis 23:28 06 Jun 2018

The app is iWeaveIt. A weaving pattern app.

  alicebuss21 07:22 17 Oct 2018

Any support you want related to iCloud you need to visit the iCloud Technical Support team.

  DavidJarvis 23:14 17 Oct 2018

Thanks Alice, but I am in UK and our iCloud technical support will not deal with any ios earlier than ios 11. This is why I approached the forum, in the hope that someone could help. David

  Govan1x 19:58 19 Oct 2018


Unusual your phone number is the same as Pogo games. Xbox support. Icloud technical support. Is it not unusual for different company's to have the same phone numbers.

  Govan1x 20:20 19 Oct 2018

Googled it a bit more, and more and more companys use the same Phone number.It is odd to me but probably normal to others.

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