iCloud Drive uses HD space?

  cobb_aja 06:43 03 Apr 2018

Why does my iCloud Drive (I rent 1 TB) use Macintosh HD storage (mine uses ca 60GB)? Isn't it completely separate?

  Pine Man 08:42 03 Apr 2018

iCloud stores shadow copies of the documents in iCloud Drive in your user library. These documents can be edited, even with no internet access. They will start updating, when you get online again. If you edit the same cloud document on different macs while offline, you may get a warning, that there is a conflict, and you will have to select, which version to keep.

  cobb_aja 09:00 03 Apr 2018

Thanks. So basically iCloud is more of a backup media than a storage one? I use a MacBook Air and hoped to save room on it by investing in the iCloud. One other thing I don't get - if the documents are still stored on the computer, why is there a cloud download system next to files on the iCloud drive? i.e. It shouldn't be necessary to download files from the iCloud that are already stored on the computer!

  Pine Man 09:55 03 Apr 2018

In iCloud Drive your documents are all stored there with shadows on your Mac. If you decide you don't want to use iCloud Drive YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ALL OF THE FILES BEFORE CLOSING IT or you will lose them. Create a new folder in Finder named My New Documents, or similar, and download all of the files into it.

  Pine Man 10:05 03 Apr 2018

This site might help explain things.

click here

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