iBooks not working on new iPhone 5S

  Guest 7670 13:29 20 Apr 2018

I recently bought an unlocked 64 gb iPhone 5S to replace my (even older) 16 gb iPhone 5S, both using iOS 11.3. I carried out Restore from Backup in iTunes on this MacBook Air, and carried out Update iCloud Settings. I have about 30 audiobooks (all of them bought from Audible.org), and perhaps for that reason the process took in all about 3 days.

The changeover has been successful, with this exception. The transfer of the audiobooks has been incomplete, and iBooks has become unstable. Sometimes, the list of audiobooks is incomplete,sometimes I cannot play an audiobook, and sometimes when I launch iBooks there is no menu, but only a screen-sized image of the dust-cover of 1 of the audiobooks. How can I rectify this ?

  mgmcc 12:10 22 Apr 2018

Your old phone only had 16 GB of storage so if restoring its data from backup to a new phone took 3 days then something was clearly corrupt. Can you still backup the old phone again and use this new backup to transfer data to the new phone?

Whenever I have got a new iPhone I have set it up by restoring a backup of the previous phone and it only takes a few minutes. One requirement is that both phones must be using the same version of iOS.

  Guest 7670 16:43 22 Apr 2018

Thank you, but I have to a great extent given up on this one. I now find that, without having got to the bottom of what has gone wrong, I can get the great majority of my audiobooks to work for me, and trying to resolve this has taken hours every day for the past week, time that I simply cannot afford. So thank you again, but I shall not pursue this further.

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