I want to use a External Hard Drive.

  David-2271734 16:10 05 Oct 2015

I want to connect my Canon camera with new images to my iMac 27" 5K with a USB cable and I don't want them stored on my internal hard drive on the Mac. When I connect my camera I want the images to go straight to a external hard drive and then when I want to use LR or PS I can transfer them from my external hard drive to LR or PS. How do I do this.

  Macworld 10:00 06 Oct 2015

If you have set up Photos to access an external hard drive for the library then when you download the images to the library they will go straight to that location.

When you start up Photos hold down the Alt key (Option on some keyboards) and choose the external hard drive as the location for the Photos library. If you want all your photos to go there (and it's probably best to have one place for all your photos) you will want to locate and copy the photos library to the external hard drive and then when you open Photos with the Alt key held down tell it to go to that library.

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