i Tunes works but not found in Programmes

  john bunyan 20:17 15 Nov 2018

On my desktop, iTunes works and the programme is shown in Programmes and Features and in C:/Program Files. On my laptop, however, although iTunes works fine , I can not see iTunes in Control Panel / Programmes and Features, nor in C:/ Program Files. I am loath to muck around but if, for example, I wished to uninstall it I could not do so. Other features, such Apple Software Uodate are there. I would like to solve this if possible without trying to install a new download.

  john bunyan 21:17 15 Nov 2018

I wonder if I installed it as an App from iTunes store rather than the standard download?

iTunes app

I cant find it in the registry - it works if I type iTunes.exe in start and launches ok. I wondered why in iTunes /help there is no option to update as there is on other PC, as Apps seem to update automatically

  Govan1x 12:03 16 Nov 2018

Just wondering maybe that you may have copy and pasted i Tunes from a web address then made a shortcut to go in windows.

It would work normally by double clicking the icon, and would not go into all programs. At least i thing not.

If that is the case right clicking the icon and pressing delete should get rid of it. You would then have to download an app for it.

  Govan1x 12:07 16 Nov 2018

It seems downloading it from Microsoft store is best. Store app has less bloat.

  john bunyan 12:35 16 Nov 2018


I think, as shown in my link that by downloading the app from the MS store , as I think I did, that it runs as an app , not a conventional programme. No sign of it in Registry or Program Files. However on right clicking it via Start and pressing Uninstall, it asks “ Do you want to delete this app?” I aborted that and will leave it . Curious I had not picked up that a pc can act like an iPhone with iTunes- ie difference between app and programmes. Wonder where it is as Windows Explorer doesn’t find location on pc.

  Laim Neeson 17:36 16 Nov 2018

They reside in a hidden location somewhere.

  john bunyan 18:45 17 Nov 2018

Giving a green tick but still cant find where the App is stored. It works so no problem. Interesting I could not find , easily, this difference between app and full programme , nor much publicity about it. Don't know other such programmes that work but missing in Control Panel / Programs and Features and in C/ Program files.

  Laim Neeson 19:05 17 Nov 2018

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

A hidden folder which you need to Take Ownership to gain access.

  Laim Neeson 19:14 17 Nov 2018

  john bunyan 19:21 17 Nov 2018

Thanks; will check. It seems good in that it updates itself, unlike on my desktop where updates are quite a palaver .

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