I phone charger Bought in the US

  Rhino6440 16:22 02 Dec 2016

If I buy someone an iPhone charger in the us can they use it in the United Kingdom

  Govan1x 16:38 02 Dec 2016

Probably need a special adapter for it but should be able to use in the UK I would think.

Found this.apple devices can be plugged in anywhere around the world and accommodate for the difference in power wattage. The only appliance necessary is the correct adapter to plug into the wall.

  wee eddie 17:46 02 Dec 2016

Phone chargers are so cheap. The cost of an adapter is almost the same

  Forum Editor 12:34 03 Dec 2016

wee eddie

"Phone chargers are so cheap."

Have you looked on the Apple store recently?

  bremner 16:02 03 Dec 2016

Make sure you buy genuine Apple

Fake Chargers

  Burn-it 16:22 03 Dec 2016

Most internationally sold electrical goods auto detect the voltage and adjust nowadays.

  wee eddie 19:33 03 Dec 2016

FE : Playing at being cool has never been cheap, except for those who are cool

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