I have an I pod Classic problem

  john bunyan 12:09 24 Dec 2017

I have an I Pod classic on which are many cd's ripped. It is semi permanently on a radio / ipod player. It works fine. However I just tried to add another rip of a Christmas CD,but all my music became greyed out, and it kept showing as G Drive. My I tunes 12 is bang up to date as is my desktop. I have tried Googling to no avail. In the end I used my I Phone - all my music is backed up on the PC. I will see if there is a new pod that is similar, but I think this has 120 Gig. Any advice?

  john bunyan 13:55 24 Dec 2017

With the help of Mr Google, I seem to have fixed it. At first it reverted to Japanese and lost everything, then I found how to get English, then eventually ran a disc check and in the end it appeared as a new I Pod. Put all stuff back on. Working well. I use it up and downstairs on I pod / DAB FM radios instead of a CD Player. Cant understand why Apple stopped making them - 120 Gig is great for music storage, and I don't want to keep the phone hooked up to the player. Could use Bluetooth to PC I suppose , but the Classic is what I want .My phone only has 16 Gig anyway.

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