I Can't Quit Keyboard Spy

  peter1044 21:16 18 Oct 2015

I've used alphaomega software's Keyboard Spy 4x for a long time. This app opens in the background; to quit I have to double click another app called Quit Keyboard spy. But after I installed El Capitan, this app won't open. I get a message saying an application to open it can't be found! Now I have no way to quit Keyboard Spy (which I'd like to get rid of). Is there a way to force quit this app when I can't use the Quit program? Help!

  peter1044 21:28 18 Oct 2015

A quick addendum. I WAS able to quit Keyboard Spy by choosing "All Applications" rather than "Recommended Applications," but I'd stupidly dragged Keyboard Spy Logger—the new version, to my System Folder and the Quit app won't even let me choose an application; it just tells me it doesn't have the quit code!

  Macworld 10:44 19 Oct 2015

Have you not been able to remove Keyboard Spy from your Mac? Would that solve the issue? Have you been able to locate it in applications?

  peter1044 17:11 19 Oct 2015

Thanks for getting back to me. Once I quit Keyboard Spy I was able to remove it, but unfortunately I'd downloaded Keyboard Spy Logger (the new version), along with the Prefs app and Quit app (Keyboard Spy Logger cannot be quit or force quit from within the app, since it offers no screens), but the Quit app won't function. I get an error message saying it can't find the Quit code! And since Keyboard Spy Logger is open, I can't trash it.

  peter1044 17:48 19 Oct 2015

Okay, issue solved. Fortunately I did NOT tell Keyboard Spy Logger to automatically log in when I turn on my iMac. So I was able to get rid of the app.

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