I Can' Get Anything From App Store.

  morddwyd 21:49 03 Jan 2018

This question is so silly I'm almost ashamed to ask it!

Trying to get something from app store I get a dialog saying that as this is anew device I must confirm m derails.

No prob'em with that, except phone number. It simply isn't accepted. I've tried every number I can think of, but they are all rejected. I can only assime I got my number wrong when I registered.

How can I get into my account to update it?

I can't re-register as it says there is already an account in that name. I only have the one Apple device.

The app I want is a freebie (BBC News) so it'snot a question of laymen details

  canarieslover 11:09 07 Jan 2018

I can only suggest a visit ti an Apple store if you have one near you. They should be the people to sort it out.

  john bunyan 11:44 07 Jan 2018

Also, if you can’t get easily to an Apple store, telephone the nearest one and ask for technical help. You should be put through to a call centre who will help. Have the date of purchase and the serial no handy.

  bremner 13:04 07 Jan 2018

click here and go to the Apple ID section where you can live chat with an Apple support person

  morddwyd 10:50 08 Jan 2018

Thanks for the responses, and thank you for prompting them FE.

I'm afraid thee telephone is pretty much a non-starter with me, and in live chat my responses are so slow that I nearly always get timed out.

However, there are some new links suggested which I will try. Most of the ones I have tried so far loop me back into the "review" dialogue already mentioned, and a block at the number field.

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