Hypersonic Aircraft - up to MACH 6

  interzone55 16:31 14 Aug 2012

Boeing are due to carry out the latest test of X-51A WaveRider, which will fly at up to MACH 6 and be able to cross the Atlantic in less than an hour, whcih should cut down the number of DVT cases in cattle class.

The bit I don't like is this part of the story The WaveRider test flight is expected to last for about five minutes. At the end of it, the aircraft will break into pieces and fall into the Pacific.

I normally like to end a flight in one piece on a runway

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  john bunyan 17:03 14 Aug 2012


"I normally like to end a flight in one piece on a runway"

I do too now but when a bit younger I took off about 600 more times in the likes of Beverleys, Hastings, Dakotas, Argosys, C130's, Twin Pioneers, Chinooks (even a DH Rapide) etc than I landed on a runway. I often wondered if it would become possible to arrange to jump out of a passenger plane near one's final destination, but the idea did not get far!

Once a bunch of us with some SEAL's took off from Glasgow airport in a military C130. The civilians in the terminal cafe wondered who these people were dressed in scruffy camouflage over wet suits and carrying shotguns etc were doing. Also the check in people wondered why we said we could fill in no landing airfield!

If this Wave Rider works I would love to go to Oz in one.

  KRONOS the First 17:32 14 Aug 2012

I wonder as it is American built we will have the same nonsense we got from them over Concorde and the noise issues or will this plane be silent?

  Forum Editor 18:26 14 Aug 2012

will this plane be silent?

No aircraft that travels at Mach 6 can be silent, but the cabin would be heavily sound-proofed. There will be a lot of noise outside, but at the height this thing will be cruising there's nobody to hear it.

  KRONOS the First 19:26 14 Aug 2012

So you wouldn't here it taking off and landing? I must have missed this massive leap in aircraft technology.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:35 14 Aug 2012

I saw this story recently, and seeming overlooked was another quite amazing aircraft: The B52 that test dropped it. It has been in service since before I was born and looks likely to still be flying usefully after I'm gone.


  Aitchbee 19:39 14 Aug 2012

Would I be able to send my 'ahem'...'stomach contents' in advance, by post?

  oresome 19:41 14 Aug 2012

The craft will then be dropped, and after a free fall of about four seconds, its engine is supposed to ignite.

They don't sound all that sure!

  Bing.alau 20:03 14 Aug 2012

Chronus. It isn't going to take off and land at Mach 6. And I can't see many of our or the American special forces, performing HALO's from it at that speed either. Of course it must be possible for it to slow down in mid flight to drop them off.

It would certainly cut out the boredom of a long distance flight to Oz. and back.

  interzone55 20:05 14 Aug 2012

They could cut down the cost of flights as well, because they won't have time to serve meals.

They'll also have to find loads of short films as well...

  morddwyd 21:09 14 Aug 2012

"Unfortunately your luggage went a 747 and won't be here until the day after tomorrow."

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