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How to turn off split screen in iPad 2018?

  stlucia2 19:47 07 May 2018

We've had our first iPad for a few weeks now, an iPad 9.7" 2018. My wife is the main user at the moment, and she's forever getting a split screen when browsing the internet using Apple's Safari browser, and doesn't know how she's doing it and, more importantly, neither she nor I can get out of it without powering down and rebooting.

I've checked the internet, including Apple's own site, and the standard instruction for disabling the feature is go to Settings > General > Multitasking and switch off 'Allow multiple apps'. I've checked, and this feature is already disabled on our iPad and, according to various web sites, is supposed to also disable the associated split screen function. But it doesn't! And from what I've seen on the Apple web site, I'm not alone with this problem unanswered.

Can anyone here explain in simple terms how to disable this split-screen function, or how to get back to one screen please?

  BRYNIT 21:59 07 May 2018

Don't have an ipad my self but this should help CLICK HERE

  stlucia2 22:14 07 May 2018

I'd already seen that one BRYNIT, but having read it again I've now understood it, and am able to shut down split view. Thank you!

But it still begs the question, how is it that I'm able to get split view in the first place, when it's supposedly disabled?

  Forum Editor 07:50 08 May 2018

Moved to Apple Help from Tech Helproom.

  stlucia2 11:11 08 May 2018

Thanks FE. I wasn't aware of this forum.

  avensis20 23:21 08 May 2018

it does not work for me, why?

  SweetPotatoes 11:17 16 May 2018

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