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  Allan 18:06 03 Mar 2020

Just spent hours trying to find out how to record concerts on my minidisc onto mac. I have audacity on it and garage. I am more familiar with audacity. FIrst of all when connect a jack to jack 'from line in' on my minidisc MZ-R70 to the line in on my computer (ie. second one in from the right of computer looking at it from the front: The outside being for earphones.) I then chose built in input on Audacity, and New project. I played the minidisc and also started recording ...nothing happens...I have been looking for3 hours and most of the explanations assume substantial knowledge of computers. End of tether.....can't even find through the list here unless i go to each page and read them all....would love clear advice...:-) Thanks

  bremner 08:52 04 Mar 2020

What model Mac are you using and what version of MACOS

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