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How To Swipe Horizontally on IPad

  Bradj2 15:19 13 Jan 2019

Hi Everyone,

I have a large word document and I would like to convert this to view on an IPad and be able to swipe left and right as you read through it. I have tried converting it to a pdf but it just scrolls up and down when viewing.

Can anyone please advise how to make it so it can scroll horizontally left and right . I don't have to view it in a pdf if there's another way to convert it and make it work.

Thanks in advance, Matt

  wee eddie 18:08 13 Jan 2019

In other words. In Book form

  John Berman 06:49 24 Jan 2019

Download a Book on the iPad and you can swipe left and right to view the next and previous pages. You can download it on any Apple Store on all iPad models.

  Fred 12:38 24 Jan 2019

You could try zooming in until part of text is outside the screen You can them touch screen and move text left right up down

Works with doc or pdf.


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