How to save iPhone battery?

  Technoman83 10:32 25 Jul 2017

I'm starting to miss my Nokia 3310. My iPhone battery just drains so quickly, even though I don't think I'm overusing it. Help please

  rdave13 11:16 25 Jul 2017

A lot of suggestions here so you can select a few of them that's practical for you. Bluetooth can use a fair amount of power and also iCloud.

  nealcooper 16:15 25 Jul 2017

Buy an android

  Forum Editor 22:26 25 Jul 2017

Moved to Apple Help from Tech Helproom.

  Arpan Shah 15:26 30 Aug 2017

I would suggest you to disable some of the services like location tracking, background app refresh and other services which you don't use this very much. Take a look on this, there are more than 20 ways to save iPhone battery life.

  BradPitt_ 11:27 16 Nov 2017

When I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 11, I faced battery drain problem. And any of the solutions do not work for me except remove the widget, I got this solution from here.

  nutsgeek 11:18 17 Nov 2017
  valarie4bts 08:55 23 Nov 2017

Shut down some apps that you don't use. Nowadays many phones face drain problems because of big screens so just take your charger anywhere.

  simonjary 08:06 03 Dec 2017

The iPhone battery saving tips on Macworld are a great start.

I use a battery case to get me through more than one day.

Best iPhone 6 battery cases

Best iPhone 7 battery cases

Best iPhone 8 battery cases

  Govan1x 11:30 03 Dec 2017


Reported as spam to forum editor.

  Forum Editor 11:52 03 Dec 2017


Simon is our Publishing Director and an iPhone user - I can hardly ban him as a spammer, especially as his links are all to pages on this site!

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