How much will I get for my current machine?

  Pooke 15:24 08 Sep 2005

Wanna flog this one.

1024mb Kingston RAM, Athlon xp 3200 barton, msi platinum k7n2 board. Nvidia geforce 5700le 128mb, 17 flat panel monitor, Lian Li aluminium case, TV and Fm radio card, Lite on DVD rewriter, LG DVD rewriter and a lite on dvd rom drive.

Plus a nice set of speakers and an epson c66 printer....

What's it worth, I have owned it for ten months.


  Jackcoms 16:07 08 Sep 2005

I'll give you a tenner and please format the HDD before delivering it to me

  Pooke 16:09 08 Sep 2005

I haven't got a clue what to ask £300, £400 or £500??????

  wee eddie 16:46 08 Sep 2005

I'm sure that that would affect the value to someone, as mail is pretty dicey without the proper boxes.

  Pooke 16:48 08 Sep 2005

North Belfast, I still have the boxes!

  Jackcoms 17:00 08 Sep 2005

North Belfast????

Back end of beyond, then. ;-)

  Pooke 17:01 08 Sep 2005


  Hamish 17:40 08 Sep 2005

Try selling it on Ebay to the highest bidder

  Pooke 17:41 08 Sep 2005

Don't like ebay sold things on there before,

  Hamish 17:51 08 Sep 2005

So do not sell it on Ebay. What about the Exchange & Mart if you have it in Ireland

  Pooke 18:07 08 Sep 2005

I was hoping to sell it locally, I just want a realistic asking price and a bit of advice on what to accept as the lowest offer.


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