How much do you think Apple should charge for the iPad Mini?

  PC Advisor 15:55 09 Oct 2012

Apple is set to launch its much-anticipated iPad Mini next week. We want to know how much you think Apple will charge for the iPad Mini.

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: How much do you think Apple should charge for the iPad Mini?

  Forum Editor 17:37 09 Oct 2012

I will be surprised if it's priced above £249 and delighted if it's less. Apple's order for 10 million units in this quarter is about twice the order placed by Amazon for the Kindle Fire for the same period.

Let battle commence, as they say - competition (and it will be fierce) can only be good for consumers.

  rickf 17:42 09 Oct 2012

Trust that it will be overpriced.

  Bing.alau 18:23 09 Oct 2012

I think they should charge as little as possible, so I have plumped for the £150 mark. I know that's not what they will charge but that's not the question. Is it?

  Forum Editor 18:41 09 Oct 2012


"that's not the question. Is it?"

You're quite right, it isn't. What they should charge is £199:00.

  [email protected] 18:51 09 Oct 2012

I can't see them pricing it as low as £200 as it would be too cheap compared to the current iPad (unless they reduce that too).

Personally I'm expecting it to be priced somewhere between £250 and £300, probably closer to £300. Apple know that most people will be prepared to pay a premium over Android tablets, just like they do with mobile phones.

  Kevscar1 03:05 10 Oct 2012

3(.99 with 20 tokens from The Sun

  Bing.alau 06:03 10 Oct 2012

We don't buy the sun in this area, so I guess we will have to pay full price.

  acfc 06:58 10 Oct 2012

In line with Apples downgrade of my iPad by removing google maps, I have reduced my opinion of the worth of their product.

I believe it should now be priced at less than £199 to compete with Nexus etc, however even that will probably not change my mind about the 7'' tablet I will buy my wife following Apples decision to put long term strategy above customers needs.

  Joseph Kerr 11:32 10 Oct 2012

It's an odd question. They should do it at Nexus price. They won't, though, if they are true to form; they will want to mark themselves out as the exclusive option. I wonder if there will be more than the slightly bigger screen to warrant it.

  Condom 11:50 10 Oct 2012

I don't really care as I won't be buying one.

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