How fast does your machine boot??

  Bam 07:42 25 Jun 2003

I'm wondering how long it generally takes for other peoples pcs to boot up when using XP.

My machine flies through POST fairly quickly and XP appears to start up quickly too, but I always have to wait for a minute or two for Norton Antivirus to startup. I'm not sure if Norton is the cause of the problem, or if it's another startup process that causes the delay i.e. Firewall.

Is this the same for others too?

  JoeC 08:05 25 Jun 2003

and NAV and Firewall. My machine boots up from switch on to useable desktop in 24 seconds. It used to be 34 seconds until I downloaded Bootvis from Microsoft's site. I you want to risk it, disable NAV at startup so that once you are on your desktop you can manually start it. I personally don't like that, but if you try Bootvis it probably will help.

  imarcus2 08:33 25 Jun 2003


Well, my laptop has just started up in 41 seconds -- 1Ghz Dell Latitude 600, on WXP, but with AVG [goes thro'a boot-up check sequence].

Never timed the desktop, but know its similar, and a tad quicker.

cheers, imarcus.

  Wary 09:28 25 Jun 2003

Just to offer you another comparison, my XP system loads 24 processes, including anti virus and firewall and I'm ready to work in 42 seconds.

  Djohn 09:44 25 Jun 2003

19 seconds. XP Pro. AMD 1800XP. scanner calibrate and officeXP included in this time. j.

  hoverman 10:35 25 Jun 2003

About 40 seconds with XP Home and NIS 2003. This is the first occasion I have ever timed it and have never been concerned about it in the past. I switch on first thing when I get up in the morning and by the time I have put the kettle on etc it has booted to the desktop. The PC then stays on all day until bedtime.

  y_not 13:08 25 Jun 2003

Like hoverman I switch on as I pass the PC in the morning, I boil the kettle (slowly), make a coffee (badly), go outside for a cigarette, return for a second coffee by which time its almost finished loading.

Not XP but win2k ...... seems I might have a fair bit running ;-)

Inspite of all that I do a fair bit of video editing and never have a slowdown problem so I leave well alone.

Refomat is planned for the first rainy weekend of October!

  Gaz 25 13:13 25 Jun 2003

From login to stable useable desktop about 5 seconds, with AVG.

The firewall is on my main server so startup takes a few seconds longer.

If you mean from POST to Login I have never timed but the block that goes across goes across about 2-3 times.

If you mean POST only then that is very quick, it probably takes just about 4 seconds then windows logo comes on.


  Mysticnas 14:01 25 Jun 2003

... i built it up about 6/7months ago, and i think it was around the late teens.

i've not turned my pc off for about 3 weeks now, although i think i may have started it once after an update. i'll turn it off later and time boot up.

  A15 15:34 25 Jun 2003

A friend suffered this slowdown you mention after I installed a network card for him. His computer went from starting up in about 40 seconds to sometimes nearly five minutes. Strange thing is though it seems to have sorted itself out & is now back to normal, really weird.

y-not, I used to use Windows 2000, but gave that system to my brother when I upgraded to XP. Windows 2000 always was & still is notoriously slow to startup. Every time I got the message "you should restart your system" that coffee & three course meal feeling used to come on!

  kingkenny 15:39 25 Jun 2003

21.5 seconds

measured using a tool called BootVis, it then gives you the options to enhance your boot sequence but it actually slowed mine down to 27 seconds.

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